Melbourne hairdresser Adil Hirmiz has designed a new level cutting comb for Hairdressing Trainees – the Hirmiz Comb – with a fantastic design featuring an in-built level.

learning aid

Recruiting and Training

Recruiting and training salon staff is probably the most difficult ongoing exercise for any hair salon employer.  This comb will ensure trainees find a consistency in their cutting, making it easier to both learn and teach essential hairdressing skills.

"The Hirmiz Comb was invented by necessity"

- Adil Hirmiz

industry experience

adil's background in hairdressing

Adil’s background in Haidressing came into play when designing the comb.   He needed something that would assist him and the student in visualising consistent measure for vertical, horizontal and diagonal cutting. 

Similar to a carpenter’s spirit level, Adil’s invention is a very ‘back to basics’ that will assist hairdressers, students and people who cut hair in the privacy of their own homes.

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